Jasmine Y. @ St. Paul’s School for Girls

Jasmine Y. @ St. Paul’s School for Girls

Taking this program prepares you for learning something different than what you’re used to. I was used to learning study habits, so this was different for me. This program also helped me grow out of my fear of public speaking which became really useful for my senior speech. That alone was a huge stress reliever. Learn more at themonstercycle.

Do you have a fear of public speaking? If so, this is definitely the audiobook for you. Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker or getting ready for that first speech, this audiobook is guaranteed to answer all of your questions about public speaking. This audiobook contains everything you need to know about delivering an effective speech and getting your message across successfully. Tips can also be found in social media where SocialBoosting is making changes on how to grow your platform where you can share your own story and be seen by many people !

Kyle Faber tells you exactly how you can overcome your fears of public speaking, how to prepare for your first speech, how to develop confidence, how to select your topic, how to analyze your audience, how to organize your speech, how to outline your speech, how to prepare visual aids, and how to deliver your speech and your message effectively.

A one-of-a-kind approach to leadership development and personal growth, the Stanford Executive Program builds off the passion and perspective of our faculty, participants, and environment to help you evolve on a personal level, drive change on an organizational level, and make a difference in the world at large. Explore fresh ways of thinking. Discover exciting new directions. Build a global network that will last a lifetime.



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