Workshops & Speakers

Take your life to the next level

Dale Carnegie presents workshops for Student Organizations, Schools, Sports and Youth Groups. All workshops are interactive and fast moving. Contact us when you are looking for your next speaker. Some of the more popular topics are as follows:

State Our Opinions…While Maintaining Rapport

  • Learn how to disagree agreeably
  • Learn how to state our opinions without arousing resentment
  • Use evidence to make our position stronger
  • Learn the barriers and levels of listening

Present Yourself Confidently: Create Your Presence

  • Use nonverbal messages to create positive impressions
  • Learn contributing factors to positive impressions:
    ○ What you say
    ○ How you say it
    ○ What you do
    ○ How you look
  • Learn to read the non-verbal questions of others

Time Management

  • Five Components of Time Management
  • Obstacles to handling competing priorities
  • Tips to overcome procrastination
  • Get organized!

Stress Management

  • Examine different types of stress and their impact
  • Explore principles for handling stress more effectively
  • Develop strategies for managing stress with peers, teachers, coaches and parents
  • Focus our energies to be more productive

Leadership: Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact

  • Use body language and nonverbal messages to create positive impressions. Words & Actions = Credibility
  • Apply principles to build trust and rapport
  • Deal with difficult situations with diplomacy and tact