Nicole S. @ Bryn Mawr School

“This program really increased my confidence. Before I was really a nervous public speaker, but my nervousness went away. Dale Carnegie helped me go up to the podium. I’ve been talking to more people in school and I’ve taken it on myself to start a relationship with people. I’m in a literature class, which is based on discussion, and sometimes …

Brandi’s Mother

“She’s gotten a huge boost in confidence speaking in public and speaking in groups and the program has helped her learn tips on how to manage stress.”

Brandi R. @ Friends School of Baltimore

“This program teaches you something different; you’re meeting people, like you, who are trying to improve themselves in more than one way. This class is exciting and very helpful for things you want to do, like make new friends. This year, I met two exchange students from China and persuaded them to join the robotics club.”

Dr. Williams – mother

“Connor got a lot of it, he’s doing more advocating for himself and making sure he’s better at communicating, in a short period of time. His confidence has soared, he knows what he wants, and he’s more self-assured. The benefits are sort of exponential. It’s really done a lot for him, more than you know.”

Kaitlin G. @ Maryvale Preparatory School

“This year I’ve been working with others a lot in group projects. We had a situation recently where people weren’t working well together and I was able to combine different interests so that everyone could get along. This program has also helped me with networking; I feel a lot more comfortable talking to new people and hearing others out. The …

Janae E. @ Roland Park Country School

“So far I’ve been making more friends in school than I had before and I’m not shying away from answering questions. This program has helped me a lot with my self-confidence and my character, figuring out my leadership style—it’s impacted me quite a bit. Now I’m able to share ideas while also being a good listener to others. For me, …

Shawn S. @ Boys Latin School

“I’m more vocal now and taking classes at school that are out of my comfort zone. The class is showed me how to be more confident and manage myself, instead of cramming at the last minute. In the class, you have to get to know people right off the bat. Hearing others talk makes you think about serious situations differently. …